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I picked the wrong pocket.

I feel a slight tug on the collar of my shirt and look down to see my headphones fall to the ground. That’s weird, I thought. I pick up my headphones. I guess my phone must’ve got disconnected… My hand instinctively reaches for my back pocket. I wonder how that happened. My hand reaches the pocket. Nothing.

I move on to my jacket pockets. Inside, pat. Outside, pat. Secret pockets, pat. Still nothing. I check my back pockets again. Nothing. Shit.

“I can’t find my phone,” I tell a friend who I had just picked up from the airport. We retrace our steps until the last point I specifically remember having my phone. Up the steps, around the corner, more steps, and outside of the Hauptbahnhof to the other entrance. Absolutely nothing.

So, as it turns out, I got pickpocketed. And to be blunt, well done to whoever pulled it off. I am still very confused how you managed to somehow get my phone from under my backpack, in my back pocket, and unplug my headphones while going down steps without me noticing.

Honestly though, it wasn’t that bad. There are much worse things that could have happened and much more important things that could have been stolen. There was absolutely nothing I could do after the fact, so there was no reason to dwell on it too much. However, all of that being said, it could have maybe been done the following week… The week it happened was the one week I had a guest or guests at all points of the week and weekend, so communicating after the fact was quite difficult. It was nice, however, to disconnect for a bit. Though, next time let's do it intentionally...

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