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Schritt für Schritt

"Nächste Halt: Kellinghusenstraße." Alright, time to transfer. "Ausstieg links." Yes. I know, thank you.

I'm standing at the door on the U-Bahn. Three. I count the stops in my head - three from Schlump, transfer, three to Alsterdorf. The train begins to slow. It's a newer train so I wait to see the lights on the door button. The lights that mean I can press it to open the door. The train still moves a little when it lights up. I press it and the door opens a few seconds later. I step off and cross the platform. Just like that.

So why did I share this brief story? I wanted to share a small piece of progress. I was having a particularly reflective morning when this happened. The sun was shining, the weather was great - the works. But, as I made this transfer I had an overwhelming calmness flood over me. There was no rush of trying to make my train, no worry about weaving through crowds, no rush trying to get off of my current train, nothing at all.

I remember getting here two months ago. Comparing then to now, I remember feeling like I had no time to get on and off of the transportation here. Is this my stop? I was frantically checking every station and felt like I was always preparing to jump off to catch a transfer or simply to not get stuck on the train.

I think all of our bodies were in a bit of a survival mode at first. I think that comes with any travel or change and is a natural response to a differing environment. But now it's completely different. I'm actually realizing how much time we have. Now, I get off of my train and wonder why it hasn't moved on yet. It's a cool adjustment, I think.

Step by step, right? Step by step.

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