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Welcome to the North

I'm going to tell you two stories. Here goes.

Story number one.

We turn the corner onto a cobble stone street. Shades of red and yellow lead the way. In front of us - it isn't real. It doesn't look real at all. It looks like a painting. Like we're about to walk through a canvas or into a green screen. There's a slight haze that gives an illustrious surrealism to the entire scene in front of us. There it is - on its own island surrounded by a frozen lake. It's massive. Spires are lit like candles in the setting sun and we can see our breath from the crisp cold air. Schwerin Palace.

You see, we took a day trip to Schwerin just to see this. This palace. This Schloß. And it was worth it. Just us Northerners exploring the north. We played on playgrounds, climbed a few trees, toured this incredible palace, wandered the grounds, and had some adult juice before catching our train out.

Story number two.

There's a massive crowd flooding from the steps. I'm going down and they're all coming up. I'm rounding the corner on the final landing - almost pushed into the wall. Then I hear it. The beeping. The beeping that pairs with the flashing red lights. Yes, THE beeping. The beeping that means the doors are about to close.

Immediately I start running. I needed that train. I start running, but people are still walking - in opposite directions. I'm trying to juke my way through. Beep. People are giving me this look. The look that means I know you need to get over but I'm going to keep walking forward, sorry about your luck. I find a small gap and slide through. Beep. I run towards the train and the doors start to close. Beep. One more step and I jump through. The doors clip my backpack as I enter and close shut. I made it. The train begins a couple of heavy breaths later. All for a single stop.

- - -

So these two stories are of my recent trip to Schwerin Palace (see photos) and my first experience almost missing the train. They might not sound like much, but I think both were pretty monumental in my time here. Schwerin was a great day trip from Hamburg and in great company as well! It was extremely nice to explore the country I'm calling home for the next six months. As for the train, it was definitely a rush. It felt like a rite of passage, of sorts. I don't necessarily recommend trying to make the train as the doors are shutting, but I made it, right? (Turns out, I wasn't late. I actually got where I needed early. Didn't need to make that train....)

I could ramble on and on about more and more of the specifics of the last week and a half, but I'll leave it at this. The weeks have been going by faster (for better or worse), the trip planning has commenced, AND I've officially begun spelling English words wrong. Plus, I'm forgetting some of them.

Until next time!

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