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And it begins.

Köln Dom

Picture this... There's this plane. It's got two floors. An A380, to be specific. We're 35,000 feet in the air, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. My classmates are scattered about in different rows, probably sleeping. And then there's me. Wide awake in my window seat. Partially due to the movie I was watching, most likely due to being a shit sleeper on a plane, in combination with nerves - the good kind.

There's a German girl sitting next to me. Laura, she said. We're chatting her up, trying to get as many inside tips before the plane lands. We watch our flight on the map. Four hours left. It's dark outside. I can't see anything except an occasional star. Two hours left. The sun is beginning to rise. Europe is beneath us. My row starts playing with the inflight calling. We can only call each other, but it's fun. One hour left. Outside of the plane it's white. It's like this for a while. Clouds, we thought. I'm watching snow build up on the wing, waiting to see the airport. The plane lands. It wasn't clouds. Deutschland.

You see, that was just the beginning. I've been in Germany for 13 days now. And for those who might not know, my name is Alli - a quirky, wanderlust, left-handed, fourth-year engineering student. I'm completing my last co-op rotation abroad and and am lucky enough to call Hamburg home for the next 6-7 months.

I've just spent New Year's weekend in Köln (see the Dom in the photo above) and the following 10 (and a half-ish) days in Berlin. In just shy of 9 hours, I leave for a move to Hamburg, where I start working on Monday. I've already had an outstanding time here and cannot wait to see what the rest of my experience here brings. If you wish to keep up with it all, continue checking in here. If you want pictures, my Instagram is probably the best place. For now, enjoy my favorite piece of street art that I've seen here!


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